The awkward turtle

Celebrating the failings of a successful person




I keep a gratitude diary. It pretty much reads “Date xxx. Today I’m grateful for xyz.”

The entries range in banality but I keep it to remind me of all the blessings that I have in my life in the form of family, friends, love, possessions, opportunities. The simplicity of the gratitude diary is that every night before I turn off from the world I put the world back into perspective once more. If I spent the day complaining that someone didn’t make me feel good about myself, I’d write that I was grateful for all those people who make me feel wonderful, if I was annoyed that I couldn’t buy that really overpriced coat to add to my collection, I’d write that I was grateful to have a collection at all.

Simples šŸ™‚

So even if you might find it hard to show your gratitude sometimes, why not write it down on a scrap of paper? It can be a little secret between you and the Universe




Annual review: 6 months of blogging

These last 6 months I have catapulted myself into the blogasphere, well at least I attempted to. I began with my blogĀ Limitless and after 3 months of sporadic postings and a general lack of theme I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t working for me; ultimately I knew I was not mature enough for the ideas that inspired theĀ LimitlessĀ concept and thus it would never satisfy my expectations. I had notions of writing about meaningful shit and sociopoliticsĀ of the world around me that reflected discussions with friends and feelings that direct my way of life. Instead I choked. I choked on everything I was seeing and I couldn’t yet give them the right words. I felt overwhelmed by the expanse of information on the internet and other bloggers who were able to write what I wished to.

What the first 3 months did help me do however was hone in on my pattern of dark satirical humour in my writing style and I began to take inspiration from all thoseĀ fails that kept bombarding me as I swam in a pool of embarrassing situations. Hence the birth of theĀ awkward turtle tales.Ā Now, admittedly I still post erratically and irregularly but I now have a theme, one that does not represent such pressure as my original concept and lets me have fun with writing. Hey, isn’t that why I’m here in the first place?

I may postĀ at a slow pace but I’m proud I’ve kept at it, and I do hear slow and steady wins the race…I am an awkward turtle after all.

Slow and steady & some fighting talk

Slow and steady & some fighting talk